9:05 pm, Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006

Just arrived in the Tri-Cities. The trip was pretty uneventful aside from Brett and I getting a little lost around Black Diamond. (231st St., if it does indeed exist, is not the way to get to WA-18 from WA-169, despite MapQuest’s insistence.) I did discover something pretty superb at a gas station near there however — MilkyWay Midnight. It’s like a regular MilkyWay, but has slightly more caramel, a dark chocolate coating instead of regular chocolate, and vanilla nougat instead of chocolate. Really scrundelescent. I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of it before since it’s more than fifteen years old (though it was renamed in 2000).

On the trip, I listened to Augusten Burroughs’ Magical Thinking. The author has an exaggerated sense of importance and relishes schadenfroh just a little too much, but overall it’s pretty entertaining. There was a really interesting bit where he reflects on the damage modeling school does to a person’s personality, cursing them with fake-looking expressions and postures for the rest of their lives by granting them complete control over their appearance. I had to skip the “Rat Thing” chapter though… it’s a rather lengthy account about him finding a rat in his bathtub and trying (unsuccessfully) to kill it with Raid bug spray. How stupid and cruel does someone have to be to do that? I’m hardly one to defend the rights of vermin (I’ve set mousetraps the same as anyone), but pointless, unsympathetic torture is something else alltogether.

Can’t wait to game with Jones, Beefy, and Paige. I brought Alhambra, Tongiaki, and Chrononauts.

Chrononauts timeline

3 Responses to “#652”

  1. BRB:

    Milkyway Midnight, despite my fanhood of dark chocolate, does not taste right to me. Have you heard anything from Pinewood?

  2. hjo3:

    Whaaat. MWM is the penultimate candybar! And yeah, Pinewood said they want you to get them your landlord’s contact info (you should be getting a call from ‘em). Just finished faxing them my pay stubs and proof of SSN. They’ll call my cell (which I’m carrying 24/7) when/if the status of our app changes.

  3. BRB:

    They did call and I gave them the number, keep me updated.