5:22 pm, Monday, March 20th, 2006

I saw the greatest comic on Comedy Central the other night — Megan Mooney. Every bit she did was hilarious. My favorite part: “Double donkey punch!” Thought it was especially notable since a talented female comedian is a very rare thing IMHO. (Most are bad, like Wanda Sykes, or mediocre, like Victoria Jackson.) Prior to Mooney, the only female comics I actually liked were Maria Bamford and Elvira Kurt.

Saw a George Santayana quote on Slashdot that I thought was interesting:

Fashion is something barbarous, for it produces innovation without reason and imitation without benefit.

A great example of a junk meme. But it was written in 1905, about 70 years before the term was invented.

Brett came over on Saturday so we could look at apartments (though there’s mainly just one we’re really interested in). Yesterday we drove down to Buckley so we could leave his car at my Uncle Bob’s house. (My dumb building charges a non-negligible daily fee for guest parking.) Traffic on the way out of Seattle was surprisingly bad for a Sunday afternoon. On the way, I finished listening to Gasping for Airtime. Jay Mohr’s singing at the end was definitely not a high point… overall he came off very badly. Especially because of the part where he admitted to stealing another comedian’s routine for a Saturday Night Live sketch; he didn’t even apologize for it — he only said it was the worst thing he did in his career. Destroyed any respect I might’ve had for Mohr, but it was still an entertaining book.

Right now I’m reading The Rantings of a Single Male: Losing Patience with Feminism, Political Correctness… and Basically Everything. I’m only four chapters in, but so far I love it. Despite the title, the author hardly rants about things. Everything seems considered and calm. Some of his thoughts on “relations” are a bit too liberal for my tastes, but the rest of his arguments have been spot on.

Things in OGame are heating up. My fleet’s grown quite a bit and I’m just now finishing the hyperdrive engine research necessary to build battleships. I should build more colonies, but micro-managing them is kind of irritating.


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