8:48 pm, Tuesday, March 14th, 2006

Joe Dunn mentioned me in his latest post on Joe Loves Crappy Movies! (Here’s a screenshot of the actual comment — his page URLs are dynamic, so any actual page link I provide will be invalid after a few days.)

It’s a funny coincidence that Joe’s reviewing 16 Blocks in #114 since I just saw that movie last night. I liked it quite a bit more than he did. Sure, it’s thoroughly unoriginal, but it’s well done and I didn’t find any part of it past the first five minutes boring. I liked the opening — a SWAT team bursting into an apartment to an exuberant Latin soundtrack. For the first half of the movie Mos Def’s character’s silly voice kinda bugged me, but I got over it. Great ending; emotional, but not excessively schmaltzy.

BTW, WoTC gave me a $15 credit for that borked draft tournament. Pretty sweet since it only cost me ~$13 to enter. I used the credit to hone my “Dragonbreath” deck (uses a Form of the Dragon/Obliterate combo).

Giant snails
Damn, those are some big snails. (980×735; 95 KB)

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    Woah…those are big.