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6:53 pm, Wednesday, March 29th, 2006

Went to my post-op exam at 9:00 am today. Everything’s progressing fine. My vision when I woke up this morning was amazingly clear, but after the first set of drops it got a bit worse and continued to fluctuate throughout the day. My eyes don’t hurt at all now, they just itch sometimes. BTW, I have a few “$100 off” coupons for Clearly LASIK if anyone’s interested… I think I get free movie tickets if someone uses one.

Sent my tax return in this morning. Should be getting a hefty refund. Which is good since Pinewood Village finally accepted our applications with the caveat that we pay a much larger deposit since our credit, while good, isn’t very established. We ought to sign papers to make the lease official next week.

Had Mongolian Grill for lunch and watched a Moxi’d episode of AOTS. Then, around one, did some computer repair work for someone in Kennewick. Stopped at Craft Warehouse on the way home to check on the Mac Hall poster I’m having framed. It wasn’t ready yet.

Finished reading Invincible vol. 2 & 3. Great stuff. Didn’t understand some things though… like, what was the point of the whole “William only likes to be called by his full name” subplot in vol. 2? And why did that cyborg-skeleton thing impale itself on that sculpture in the same issue? Maybe I’m forgetting something from vol. 1. The secret philosophy of the Viltrumites (revealed in vol. 3) doesn’t make sense to me, but then I suppose most of the stuff in Invincible isn’t meant to be taken totally seriously.

Been sketching a lot lately. Did some killer drawings of Jane Skinner and Bill O’Reilly this afternoon. I’ll post some scans when I get back to Seattle.

Have tentative plans with Jones to go bowling tonight. Couldn’t get ahold of Beefy, but I assume we’ll nerdnap him sometime around eight.


8:13 pm, Tuesday, March 28th, 2006

Got my LASIK surgery today. Not very fun. For those of you unfamiliar with the procedure, it basically entails a doctor clamping something round onto your eye with a lot of pressure, then cutting a flap in your cornea, then shooting a laser at your lens. Interesting fact: Burnt eyeball smells just like burnt hair.

Anyway, I have to take like a billion different eye drops every half hour and wear goggles when I sleep. It’s not that bad. Just feels like you have an eyelash stuck in your eye all the time.

First thing I see with this new corrected vision? Beefy being kind of a bitch. Well, Gmail, then that. Suffice to say, I have not ever, nor will I ever knowingly, cheat in the IMBC. Or engage in dishonorable activity like post-saving. (Update: Beefy’s bitchitude was vastly overestimated.)

Anyway. Movies seen recently: Lord of War and A History of Violence. Both good, but the latter had some slow parts. Also saw this new Margaret Cho DVD, but it was so abominably bad that I’d really rather not discuss it. It’s hard to believe that woman ever had the ability to be funny. Guess her early work was a fluke. Or maybe someone else was writing her material for her.

What else? Oh, we played GURPS last weekend. Did two or three sessions in the Hunter setting. Went pretty well.

Talked to Justin last night — he’s still working at Disney World and he and his mom, sister, and brother-in-law are moving into a new house that’s under construction ATM. Sounds like it’ll be a pretty big place. Things with his GURPS group didn’t work out… turns out they’re all old people (30-50 range) and they use GURPS 2nd edition. Savages. Plus they live an hour away.

Got a bunch of comics at IF last week, but so far I’ve only read KoDT #113. I wish they’d cut it out with the Squirrley comics and go back to the gaming stories. Plus you have to read the online strips to find out why Weird Pete’s in jail in the first place. Hella lame. But I got a couple volumes of Invincible, Fables, and Runaways, so at least there’s that to look forward to. Also got the Space 1889 sourcebook; should be a fun read.


9:05 pm, Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006

Just arrived in the Tri-Cities. The trip was pretty uneventful aside from Brett and I getting a little lost around Black Diamond. (231st St., if it does indeed exist, is not the way to get to WA-18 from WA-169, despite MapQuest’s insistence.) I did discover something pretty superb at a gas station near there however — MilkyWay Midnight. It’s like a regular MilkyWay, but has slightly more caramel, a dark chocolate coating instead of regular chocolate, and vanilla nougat instead of chocolate. Really scrundelescent. I can’t believe I hadn’t heard of it before since it’s more than fifteen years old (though it was renamed in 2000).

On the trip, I listened to Augusten Burroughs’ Magical Thinking. The author has an exaggerated sense of importance and relishes schadenfroh just a little too much, but overall it’s pretty entertaining. There was a really interesting bit where he reflects on the damage modeling school does to a person’s personality, cursing them with fake-looking expressions and postures for the rest of their lives by granting them complete control over their appearance. I had to skip the “Rat Thing” chapter though… it’s a rather lengthy account about him finding a rat in his bathtub and trying (unsuccessfully) to kill it with Raid bug spray. How stupid and cruel does someone have to be to do that? I’m hardly one to defend the rights of vermin (I’ve set mousetraps the same as anyone), but pointless, unsympathetic torture is something else alltogether.

Can’t wait to game with Jones, Beefy, and Paige. I brought Alhambra, Tongiaki, and Chrononauts.

Chrononauts timeline


8:03 am, Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006

Brett and I went to Federal Way yesterday to look at the apartment we wanted (part of Pinewood Village). We applied for the 2 bedroom/2 bath unit. It’s really great… within walking distance of a few Chinese restaurants, a sushi bar, a small grocery store, and a software/videogame shop. And it’s only about a mile or a mile and a half from a mall, Red Lobster, Wendy’s, and a super keen all-you-can-eat Mongolian grill where we had lunch. Federal Way is a really fantastic city; big enough to have all the stores you could want but small enough that the traffic’s still manageable. Plus it has Fancy Town!

Got some more sign-ups for the IMBC 2006. Should be interesting.

I was talking to Vu Phan, Hanwool’s old roommate from UW, (he had some CSS questions he had to answer as part of a Google interview) and apparently he knows some people who work at Wizards of the Coast. Said he could get them my resumé if I wanted. I doubt anything’ll come of it, but it’s still pretty cool.

Update (12:54 pm): Woot, my mom scheduled my LASIK stuff for me. Have my pre-op exam on Friday and the actual surgery scheduled for the 28th at Clearly Lasik in Kennewick.


5:22 pm, Monday, March 20th, 2006

I saw the greatest comic on Comedy Central the other night — Megan Mooney. Every bit she did was hilarious. My favorite part: “Double donkey punch!” Thought it was especially notable since a talented female comedian is a very rare thing IMHO. (Most are bad, like Wanda Sykes, or mediocre, like Victoria Jackson.) Prior to Mooney, the only female comics I actually liked were Maria Bamford and Elvira Kurt.

Saw a George Santayana quote on Slashdot that I thought was interesting:

Fashion is something barbarous, for it produces innovation without reason and imitation without benefit.

A great example of a junk meme. But it was written in 1905, about 70 years before the term was invented.

Brett came over on Saturday so we could look at apartments (though there’s mainly just one we’re really interested in). Yesterday we drove down to Buckley so we could leave his car at my Uncle Bob’s house. (My dumb building charges a non-negligible daily fee for guest parking.) Traffic on the way out of Seattle was surprisingly bad for a Sunday afternoon. On the way, I finished listening to Gasping for Airtime. Jay Mohr’s singing at the end was definitely not a high point… overall he came off very badly. Especially because of the part where he admitted to stealing another comedian’s routine for a Saturday Night Live sketch; he didn’t even apologize for it — he only said it was the worst thing he did in his career. Destroyed any respect I might’ve had for Mohr, but it was still an entertaining book.

Right now I’m reading The Rantings of a Single Male: Losing Patience with Feminism, Political Correctness… and Basically Everything. I’m only four chapters in, but so far I love it. Despite the title, the author hardly rants about things. Everything seems considered and calm. Some of his thoughts on “relations” are a bit too liberal for my tastes, but the rest of his arguments have been spot on.

Things in OGame are heating up. My fleet’s grown quite a bit and I’m just now finishing the hyperdrive engine research necessary to build battleships. I should build more colonies, but micro-managing them is kind of irritating.



8:33 am, Thursday, March 16th, 2006

The hypervigilant among you (hi Beefy) may have noticed this site was having database errors for like twenty-three seconds this morning. That’s cuz I was backing up my SQL and I forgot the password to the database so I just made up a new one. Bad idea. Luckily I was able to determine the old password by trial and error and WordPress stopped complaining.

Beefy’s still having troubles with his site… seems to be some kind of DNS problem, but it might just be his ISP. In any case, he’s been unable to blog lately or he would’ve mentioned that his picture was used on Attack of the Show! (From his moblog: the screen cap, the original image.) How awesome is that? I submit that it is very.

I’ve been listening to the audiobook version of Jay Mohr’s Gasping for Airtime while driving lately. I’ve learned a few things: Jay Mohr has a suite of really unappealing personality problems (he manages to be simultaneously egotistical and self-deprecating, is obsessed with celebrity, and can be really petty), SNL is horribly run (each show is basically put together in three days), and Ellen Cleghorne and Al Franken were huge jerks. Despite the annoyance of Mohr’s constant whining about panic attacks, job difficulties, and paranoia, the book’s really entertaining. The audiobook even moreso, since you get to hear his amazing impressions of other actors. (His Phil Hartman voice is brilliant.) Anyway, got it at Hastings for ten bucks, totally worth it.

You know what really irritates me? When someone offers a backhanded apology like “I’m sorry you’re offended,” instead of “I’m sorry I offended you.” It implies the person they’re apologizing to is irrational and/or hysterical. What they’re really saying is “It’s unfortunate you’re so unreasonable.” I hate dealing with people who use passive-agressive phrases like that.