8:13 pm, Tuesday, February 28th, 2006

Wow, well this is a first for me — I received spam on OGame encouraging me to expatriate. First this guy sent spy probes to my home planet, so I responded in kind. Then he messages me asking what language I speak. Then he asks me where I’m from and I say “Washington state, US.” Up to that point I thought it was just polite chat. He says he lives in the Netherlands though he’s originally from Washington, DC. I say, “Oh, that’s cool.” Then he starts in with this crap about how easy it is to defect and includes links to anti-US propaganda sites. WTF? Way more offensive than the “Nigerian businessmen”…

Last night for dinner I made some Shake ‘N Bake chicken breast and sauteed zuchinni and mushrooms. It was okay, but I didn’t care for the Shake ‘N Bake much. I’ve found a way to cook chicken breast that’s much tastier — I coat it in olive oil, cover it with herbs, spices and seasoning, and wrap it in aluminum foil before putting it in the oven. Works really well.

Shake 'N Bake chicken

And today for lunch I made a frittata. It came out perfect, but I forgot to take a picture. It had mozzarella and Colby Jack cheese in it along with shredded spinach and sauteed mushrooms, zuchinni, and green pepper. It was pretty rich though. And really filling. It’ll probably be a while before I try one of those again. Tonight I’m gonna make spaghetti.

No one’s more content than Stephen Colbert.

2 Responses to “#640”

  1. Beefy:

    Why did you have to make Colbert seem creepy? You’re a madman.


    Next time instead of olive oil use some lemon juice.