11:19 pm, Sunday, February 26th, 2006

Man, I am loving WordPress. A few of the folks I chat with have scoffed at it for being so mainstream, but it makes posting so easy I really don’t care. When I was doing this site with Dreamweaver it was such a hassle to add linked images and archive the blog… I had been using Dreamweaver 4, so I decided to upgrade to 8 but that just made things worse. Some bugs were fixed, but it ended up being way, way more work because of the way it handles templates. (Like, if your template’s uneditable region has nested tables in it then you can’t create tables through the Design interface in the editable regions. Stupid things like that.) Winning this year’s IMBC is going to be a cinch… Beefy’s even saying he wants to migrate his main blog to WordPress before April now, haha. Hopefully Jones’ll get in on the action too.

I’ve been playing OGame since the 15th (as part of the AnandTech alliance) and only recently has it gotten really interesting. It’s my favorite web-game now; Earth 2025 is too chaotic, UrbanDead has level caps, but OGame seems to have unlimited potential. Today I raided my first planet (1:353:7) — got a couple thousand units each of metal and crystal. Right now my fleet’s out raiding another planet… if this one’s successful, I ought to gain about 15,000 units of various resources. Really need to upgrade my engine technologies; ATM these raids take about four hours round trip. Anyway, Jones and I are both playing in Universe 13 if anyone wants to join us. (If you’re just getting started, this thread is really helpful.)

Saw this posted somewhere… I found it oddly hilarious. I might be the only one.

3 Responses to “#639”

  1. Ephialte:

    I cant beleave you would raid that week little planet, you should try taking on some one tougher like 1:144:7, now that’s a real planet.

  2. Beefy:

    I seem to have exceeded my bandwidth limit.


  3. hjo3:

    Dude, Dreamhost — right now I’m paying $8/mo. for 1,074 GB/mo.