(Alright, I don’t think any of these questions have ever actually been asked, but it’s my site and I’ll post whatever dumb thing I feel like posting.)

Q  Who did the header for this site?

A  The current Upsidaisium header (that picture at the top of the page with the floating islands) was drawn and colored by the talented Joe Dunn, creator of the webcomics Free Lunch, Matriculated, and Joe Loves Crappy Movies. The original header, an unimpressive piece of pixel art, was made by yours truly.


Q  Which font is used in the header?

A  Inkburrow. It was created by Uddi Uddi in 1998 and is freely available on dafont.com.


Q  Who are you?

A  My name’s Hank. I was born in 1982. I like science fiction, comics, games (all sorts), computers, sushi, lots of different kinds of music, and cooking.


Q  Who are these people?

A  Brett’s my roommate, Andi’s my sister. Everyone else is a friend or acquaintance.


Q  How long have you maintained this blog?

A  Since April 23rd, 2001. It was originally hosted on GeoCities, but I moved it to hjo3.net on October 6th, 2003. On October 25th, 2005 I began mirroring hjo3.net with upsidaisium.com (which is now the site’s primary identity). On February 23rd, 2006 I migrated the blog part of my site to WordPress and kind of abandoned the rest of it.


Q  Where do you live?

A  Pasco, WA. Though until July 2008 I lived in Pullman, WA. And before moving there in January 2007, I lived in Federal Way for nine months, Seattle for the six months before that, and Pasco for the twenty-odd years before that.