12:20 am, Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

Got back from the Tri-Cities last night. Brought some of my mom’s chili and cookies home with me along with a bunch of groceries. (Can’t wait to grill those huge ribeyes we got at Yoke’s.) When I got home I found Brett had just arrived with some New Garden takeout (special chow mein, sesame chicken, and egg foo young) — very tasty. Oh, and on the subject of food, I went to Apollo (the Greek place in Richland) with my parents on Sunday. Tried something new: The pasticio. Also very good. I was surprised how well the cloves and cinnamon went with the red meat sauce.

Oh yeah, and I saw Sean again on Sunday morning! By some coincidence he’d picked that weekend to visit some family in the Tri-Cities and swung by to say hi to my parents (who were out of town for that wedding, but arrived while he and I were shooting the breeze).

Did a lot of gaming this weekend. Some pics:

Beer Money    HackMaster    Tongiaki

Munchkin Cthulu plus S Cape and Cowthulu expansions    Heroscape early game    Heroscape Endgame

The five of us (me, Logan, Jones, Amanda, and Heather, who was down from Spokane for the weekend) played some games Friday night; Beer Money and Munchkin Cthulu, I think. After Amanda went home we broke out the minis and dice for HackMaster (Jones GMed). It was Logan and Heather’s first time role-playing, but I think they liked it. We ran through module B1: Quest for the Unknown with an elven battlemage (me), a half-orc berserker (Logan), and a human fighter (Heather). It went pretty well — we averaged ~2,500 XP and ~1,700 gold pieces each. Munz’s Bolt of Acid plus Photographic Memory plus the Speed Reading skill is uberwin in a dungeon. Hopefully next session we can get started on module UK1: Porpher’s Enchanted Garden.

I also picked up a bunch of TPBs at AU — Knights of the Dinner Table BoTs #15-17, Mouse Guard series 1 (which Jones has been pimping for the past few weeks), a couple Futurama collections, The Goon vol. 5, The Goon Noir, and Penny Arcade vol. 3. Oh, and I got the Cowthulu (56 cards) and Narrow S Cape (110 cards) Munchkin expansions, which we used for a late-night game on Sunday.

Also on Sunday, we met this guy named Caleb who’s apparently part of a local Magic: The Gathering group. He spectated for the last third of the Tongiaki match we were playing, then joined us for a 4-player 250-point army HeroScape battle (pics above). It was pretty epic. Logan had robots, Jones had Tarn vikings, orcs, and Grimnak, I had Nakita agents and Syvarris, and Caleb had samurai, Krav Maga, and Raelin. The orcs and samurai engaged first with the robots attacking both from a distance a turn later. I tried to get to the fray, but the chaotic terrain in my part of the map made movement difficult. I ended up killing 75% of the vikings and a scrawny ninja. Eventually it came down to me vs. Logan. Thanks to a few bouts of bad luck on his defense dice, I won. (The bottom-right pic shows the final board state.)

Some randomish stuff (not that this post has had a coherent theme thus far):

I saw Resident Evil: Extinction on Saturday. It was pretty much what I expected — cheap (but slick) zombie splatterpunk with ample startleshock. I enjoyed it, but I doubt I’ll pick up the DVD.

Last week’s Office episode was great. Best part: Andy’s three-man, speakerphone-assisted acappella performance of ABBA’s Take a Chance on Me.

Did you know CBS almost made a cop drama about zombies? The pilot was shot in the summer, but never aired. You can download it through BitTorrent though.

Team Fortress 2′s “vtex.dll” spray-import bug is really annoying. Why haven’t they fixed that yet? I did some googling and figured out a workaround, but you need to have CS:S or Half-Life 2: Deathmatch installed (which I don’t). Having a “?” beside your name on the scoreboard just looks so lame…

Team Fortress 2 spray-import bug consequences

“Prepone” is my new favorite word. From bobdotorg’s Slashdot post:

One can also expand their English vocabulary by working with Indians. Took me a while to figure out WTF ‘prepone’ meant. As in (say with your best Apu imitation), “We need to prepone the meeting an hour or so.” Prepone being the opposite of postpone.

Have you heard “teh n00b song”? (3.39 MB MP3 free for download here.) It’s dumb and cyberjocky, but I like it. Especially the weird accent the singer has. What is that? I’d call it “inbred Canadian.”

3 Responses to “#913”

  1. Mom:

    You know how hot dogs with chili and cheese is so good when its cool out? Well just think of a perfectly grilled rare rib eye with chili as a side would be. Add a homemade baking soda biscuit with butter and you could be eating at a chuck wagon on a cattle drive. Num. Think I’ll go bake bread or start pull a parts for breakfast.

  2. JediBear:

    and here I was thinking that to “prepone” was to pwn them before they can pwn j00.

  3. hjo3:

    lol… I like that definition even more.

    Re: Mom: That chili was gone the second night home. But we had the steaks last night. I’ll post pics later.