7:13 pm, Tuesday, August 28th, 2007

Back in Pullman. First, the pictures I’ve been meaning to post:

First Super Munchkin game    Catan Card Game    Tongiaki at AU w/ Logan and Jones

Left to right: Super Munchkin, the Catan Card Game, Tongiaki (at Adventures Underground with Logan and Jones). And here’s one of the New Garden takeout Brett and I got last week:

New Garden Chinese takeout

I really liked their sesame chicken and the broccoli with beef was as amazing as usual, but I wasn’t a big fan of their house chow mein. Brett disagreed.

Anyway, my Vibram FiveFingers arrived today! My mom got them for me, which is awesome (and super nice of her) since I probably wouldn’t have gotten them for myself. (I have a hard time spending more than $50 on something as frivolous as shoes.) I was kinda worried they wouldn’t fit right, especially since Vibram uses European sizes, but they do. They feel great, in fact. Walking around in them really is like being barefoot, except on rocks and things like that because they don’t hurt.

FiveFingers box    Wearing FiveFingers in the driveway    FiveFingers on the rocks

Speaking of my mom, she made this phenomenal chicken on Monday. She grilled/baked it in the smoker with these Greek spices. The only specific flavor I could pick out was cumin. She actually did two whole chickens that way at the same time and sent one home with me for Brett and I to eat. She also used the stripped bones, some herbs from her garden, and the remnants of a veggie platter we had before lunch to make a great chicken soup (sans the meat). I had some of that last night (she filled a huge Mason jar for me before I left) with some ultra-chewy sourdough bread for dipping — très delish.

I had a sore throat all last week and had been downing Chloraseptic like crazy hoping it’d just go away. Felt like I had a big ol’ partially-scabbed-over wound somewhere in my esophagus just above my right collar bone. At my dad’s suggestion, I started taking antibiotics. It’s only been about a day and a half now, but my throat feels 100% better. Now I just have to remember to take these things three times a day for another seven days or so.

5 Responses to “#896”

  1. Krunk:

    Moms, they’re pretty awesome huh?

  2. Mom:

    Personally, I think it was my chicken soup that helped you fight that horrible sore throat, but just in case you be sure to finish that course of antibiotics you started on. Its very important that you don’t let it become a resistant strain of bugs. Hugs, Mom

  3. Mom:

    You have smurf feet. Adorable. Having stuff between my toes would freak me out. Glad you like them!

  4. amy:

    hehehe those shoes are wild! reminds me of frog feet, very cute!

  5. Peter:

    I know that 99% of Chinese take-out tastes exactly the same, but there’s something about the picture that makes the food look really tasty!