7:25 pm, Thursday, June 14th, 2007

Made a strange meal this morning (my breakfast, Brett’s dinner): Pork ribs. I’d meant to cook them while Jones was here, but somehow I didn’t get the opportunity (partly because Little Caesars messed up my order and we ended up with four large pizzas which lasted us quite a while). Some pics:

Pork ribs, mostly whole    Pork ribs, plated

Some people might say you can’t make ribs a whole meal, but they’re obviously hippy, vegan communists. I added some Frank’s Red Hot to the sauce this time and it seemed to help cut the sweetness quite a bit.

You know that song, The Internet is for Porn? Turns out it’s from a Broadway musical called Avenue Q. I never would have imagined they’d make a live show like this… Trying to get my hands on the soundtrack right now. I hope they make a DVD for it; it sounds really funny. (I saw a .WMV video on a couple torrent directories, but I assume it’s a bootleg camcorder-in-the-audience thing — not something I want to waste 300 megs on.)

The herbs we planted some weeks ago are coming along pretty well except for the spearmint. From left to right: Chives, basil, dill.

Chives    Basil    Dill

We only had three pots, so the chives were planted in a plastic easter bowl with holes punched in the bottom.

I’m starting to get into Star Trek: Enterprise. I watched the first two episodes back when it premiered in 2001 but decided I didn’t like it and never watched again. Recently I recorded a couple episodes on the TiVo just because there’s been so little new stuff on lately (I think it’s down to Kathy Griffin, Top Chef, and a few pop-culture-comedy news things, like The Showbiz Show). They were actually really good, so I set up a season pass. The ones I saw were about the Klingons getting infected with some disease because they’d tried to create enhanced warriors from DNA they got from human “augments” (genetically engineered superhumans). It explained, in a fairly realistic (relative to Star Trek) way, why Enterprise and Next Generation‘s Klingons have forehead ridges but TOS’s don’t, even though it takes place between those two series chronologically.

I wonder if Enterprise started the “grittier/more realism” trend in sci fi TV shows. In terms of uniforms, set design, and technology it has a lot in common with Firefly and Battlestar Galactica. Or maybe this was something that just happened naturally in response to the 12-year hegemony of 24th century-era Star Trek with all its effortless superscience, luxury, and tidy, sleek environments.

Re: TotD (what you love/hate about Star Wars): Love: Ubiquitous robots, anachronisms (swordplay, royalty, knights, mobsters), amazing scenery (in the prequels), good music, cool looking aliens. Hate: Ewoks, The Star Wars Holiday Special, the animated series, lame looking aliens.

2 Responses to “#836”

  1. amy:

    i think my favorite one from avenue q is everyone is a little bit racist.

    your little sprouts are adorable!

    i ma have to give this star trek: enterprise a try…

  2. hjo3:

    > i think my favorite one from avenue q is everyone is a little bit racist.

    Haha, mine too!