8:53 pm, Saturday, May 12th, 2007

Argh, I have to get this blogging thing out of the way post-haste; Jaime’s coming over to play Magic in a little bit. I thought about chancing it and waiting till eleven or so to come type stuff, but that would be rude to a new guest — “Hold on, can you sit here and watch TV for a half-hour while I go ramble about crap on the interweb? Thanks.”

Peter (ungsunghero) found this really awesome fansite for The Office. Via it, I found this keen mini-mockumentary about life as a modern zombie (starring Ed Helms). The embedded player they use at Funny or Die is kind of wonky on my system. Maybe just because I use Opera. The video was very choppy (like 4 frames/second) until it finished downloading completely, and then it started playing smoothly.

There’s a rather lively post/thread on MetaFilter about the science in science fiction. I was reading through it and noticed that one user’s real name is Charles Stross. I kept thinking, “Why does that sound familiar?” After thinking that over for a day I realized it’s because I added one of his books, Accelerando, to my Amazon Wishlist a while back. Heh, weird coincidence, huh? For some reason I never really expect to see authors on web forums and the like. Well, GURPS people excluded — David Pulver and Phil Masters have been very active on various message boards, mailing lists, and the like.

Still playing Quadradius. The randomness of it is kind of frustrating though; if your opponent can control a larger area, they’ll usually win just by having better access to power-ups. But nothing’s certain; I was wiped out by one guy with a score of 14-5 (my favor) because he nabbed a couple Grow Quadradials, a Relocate, and an Acid Row.


What is the value of a viable human embryo?

I’ve been thinking about this and I believe the value can only be expressed as it relates to other difficult-to-price items. In this case, it’s obviously worth less than a living fetus, but more than, maybe, a transplantable kidney. Or less than a near-sapient animal (like a signing gorilla), but more than a brain dead coma victim. I think it’d be interesting for someone to establish an absolute hierarchy of “person-ness” for the purpose of making laws and deciding the severity of crimes. I dunno, is that too callous? It’d be useful for sure.

I think I had a better response thought out, but I must’ve forgotten it. Anyway, kind of in a hurry — GTG.

5 Responses to “#803”

  1. Peter:

    Should I assume that you are an Office fan as am I?

  2. hjo3:

    Yes, definitely! It’s probably my favorite thing on television right now; it’s a toss-up between it and Lost.

  3. Peter:


    I just re-watched last week’s episode, and damn, I caught a lot of things I missed the first time around!

    And how did I forget to mention the interview with Michael–when Andy was floating away in the distance–on my list of damn funny scenes?

    Man, I can’t wait for the finale!

  4. hjo3:

    lol, I loved that. Also great: The part where Stanley tried to fake enthusiasm. OMG, good stuff.

  5. Hecatomb:

    A population of 6 billion humans reduces the value of an individual human life significantly. A human BEING has tremendously varied value; a human life is worth about $12.95 (approx).